Video Tutorial
    USB JTAG official youtube channel
    Windows Installation
    macOS 10.15 Installation
    ubuntu 20.04 64 bit Installation

    Software Tutorial 1
    Software Tutorial 2
    Software Tutorial 3
    Add a new flash type
    Add a new target

  Cable Modems
    u-Link NT program SB6190 with EMMC.
    TM1602 EMMC programming with u-link NT.
    SB5100 backup with JTAG
    USB JTAG NT program SB5100
    UJmodem Program sigma on SB5100
    Debrick SB5100 With 3.3V method
    USB JTAG NT program Haxoware on SB5101
    Load SB5101 firmware with UJmodem
    SB5102 Haxoware
    SB6120 USB JTAG NT programming.
    sb6121 SPI programing with clip.
    Programming SB6141 modem
    USBJTAG NT to program SGB6580
    CPEi25150 Program and debrick with USB JTAG NT

  Cable Boxes
    u-link NT and USB BDM NT program DCT2224 (MC68332)
    u-Link program DCT700
    USB BDM NT Backup DCT2224 data and firmware.
    USB BDM NT restore the data and firmware (from backup)
    Fix a dead DCT2224
    DCT2224 fake unit address with remote.
    DCT700 backup flash and NVRAM
    DCT700 basic programming (restore)
    DCT700 Debrick case 1. (Entire flash is erased)
    DCT2500 Debrick.
    Debrick DCT2500 using USB JTAG NT.

    Seven steps to program OpenWrt on Meraki MR18 using u-Link NT.
    MR33 OpenWrt programming using script.
    Program OpenWRT on Meraki Z1 with u-Link NAND.
    Debrick WRT54GS V6 0
    Debrick WRT350N and program dd-wrt mega
    USBJTAG NT program WRT400N
    JTAG WNR854T (Marvell ARM926)
    USBJTAG NT program Linksys M20.
    JTAG Linksys E1500 router.
    JTAG Linksys E3000 programming
    TP-LINK WR1043ND JTAG programming
    TR-LINK R402M router JTAG Programming.
    USBJTAG NT program EA2700 router.
    USB JTAG NT create xml (E4200)
    USB JTAG NT program Linksys E1000 V2 router.
    Meraki MR18 JTAG programing
    Updated version of MR18 JTAG programming.
    Flashing the Meraki MR18 with USBJTAG NT(Ricardo Cooper)

    Step by step unlock Vonage HT802 with u-Link NT.
    u-Link NT unlock Vonage VT2542 voip adapter.
    USB JTAG NT unlock a locked version of RTP300.
    Unlock WRTP54G

  Satellite receivers
    USBJTAG NT to backup CNX Nano2 flash (CX24303)
    Erase entire CNX Nano 2 flash using USB JTAG NT.
    USBJTAG NT fix a dead CNX Nano2 (CX24303)
    USB JTAG NT on Sonicview 360 Premier (CX24303)
    USBJTAGNT On Viewsat VS2000 (CX24142)
    USBJTAG NT on Nano Premium with EEPROM
    USBJTAG NT on Nfusion Solaris
    USBJTAG NT on ExtremeView XV3300
    Debrick DM500S with USBJTAG NT
    Ariza 700 convert to Pansat 2500
    USBJTAG NT 0.56 programming ST40 target.(Sti7100,Sti5202)

  Car Computers
    u-Link NT program ECU E67 Master CPU (MPC565) and slave CPU.
    u-Link NT to program ECU E38.
    u-Link NT to program MPC565 ECU (Chrysler)
    u-Link NT and USB BDM NT program ECU 411
    u-Link NT and USB BDM NT program ECU E40(MC68377)
    ECU411 Program with USBBDM NT.
    Audi TCU programming with USB BDM NT
    USB BDM NT Program ECM E40 (MC68377)

  Other devices
    xbox360 programming with USB JTAG NT
    USB JTAG NT program scx4200 EEPROM chip

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