Playstation 3 Backwards Compatible (FAT) for SALE.

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Playstation 3 Backwards Compatible (FAT) for SALE.

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Hey guys, I am selling a lightly used FAT Backwards Compatible PS3 with a 60GB internal HDD, it is in very good condition with no noticeable scratches/markings on it and has my fan module installed so that it never develops overheating issues (this module speeds the fan up to a users desired speed using a small flathead screwdriver). It also comes with 2 PS3 wireless DualShock 3 controllers, HDMI wire (NEW), Power Cord, and USB Charger wire (NEW). I also have a few games to choose from if you would like I can throw one in. This system is the first launch CECHA01 and plays PS1, PS2, DVD, Blu-Ray, as well as PS3 format + many other formats and also has 3 card readers so you can easily put pictures on it.

I am asking $275 + shipping for it - FIRM. I accept PayPal (And I am obviously verified), although I do accept Postal Money Orders as well and I offer $15 off if you pay with Postal Money Order since I would not have to pay PayPal fees for selling.

I ship via USPS Parcel Select with tracking info, as soon as payment is received I ship out within 24 hours.

Please PM me if interested and I can provide pictures if needed.
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