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XBOX NAND rad/write.
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Please contact [email protected] for shipping details.

As of shipping, the shipping is from Canada and we use small packet Air. That DOES NOT comes with tracking but we found relative fast and secure. (Insurance purchased). If you have to have tracking (like someone) this it might not worth the money. The cheapest shipping with tracking (much slower than the small packet Air) will cost around $16. I think it is not worth as to ship to USA.

As of the program integration, it is hard to do. I never use XBOX tool myself and I do not know if that program is open sourced. Even that is, it might take a lot of effort to make it happen and you end up have to use another program anyway.

It have been asked if NT can work with openocd and by look at the structure openocd does, it will not work.

NT had been highly optimized and the software have less control compared to the LPT JTAG on openocd.
If LPT JTAG is integrated in NT software, it is will also be pretty fast and less portable.
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