sb6580 bricked or broken?

Use USB JTAG NT for development. GNU deugger etc.
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sb6580 bricked or broken?

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Hi guys,
I don't know if my 6580 is bricked or broke beyond repair.
I bought this used modem just as a learning tool and nothing more.

After several attempts in getting the the usbjtag nt connected to the sb6580, I finally connected. (kudos to this forum for all their input)

I never WROTE anything on the modem but instead I did backups of the firmware itself.

Yesterday I pluged it in (without the jtag connected) and I'm only getting the 1 led firmly lit and the 2nd blinking. and that's it.

I did a reset and I'm still getting the same thing. Could I have somehow messed up the modem by only reading the flash?

If so, can it be recovered?

Thanks guys!!
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