How o JTAG Huawei MT130U Cable Modem

Use USB JTAG NT for development. GNU deugger etc.
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How o JTAG Huawei MT130U Cable Modem

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hi guy, i need your help, i like to know how to jtag Huawei MT130U Cable Modem by using USB JTAG NT.

I like to know JTAG PINS Diagram etc.

Thanks fo ryour help.
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If you have a mutli meter, test the continuity from the jtag points and the known pins of the spi chip. Solder in pins, set NT soft for Develep/SPIFLASH/25L032 and dump it.

OR you can just wire up the spi chip (like a 5101n) and dump it like I did. The ISP point is pin 1 of the small U4 chip. (pin 1 had the indent over it)
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