Arm925t & Spansion S29WS128J

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Arm925t & Spansion S29WS128J

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Hello, Is there support for these deivices? I have seen there is support for Arm9, but cannot find out much on the spansion memory. I have enclosed the data sheets for both. I have verified the jtag pinout on my device (an older model radio that I wish to revive). All i really need is to be able to write the entire flash. I already have a good back up. Was ready in my devices service manual that memory writes and reads need wait states and cycles, would this hold true for a blank memory chip? How would this be handled? When I hook up the Jtag It reads one IdCode (03CF1D81) manufacturer not found 6C0. Then Exit thumb mode next line error. I have verified all the pins on my ulink are good by jumpering like the youtube video. Any advice? I have included the data sheets for these devices.

Thank you

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Re: Arm925t & Spansion S29WS128J

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In theory ARM9 is supported. But only limited number of targets are tested. Your target need itself an XML (definition) to be able to read/write.
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