NEED A FULL 2MB BACKUP OF A RCA315 WITH FERCSA Stealth Edition build 13.5

Newbies post here.
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i got my dcm315 working, thanks to blob_slx, email me and i will send u the 2mb dump file [email protected]
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Good to hear that burns.
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Naztheros wrote:Hi, Dont Type All Caps. People In General Dont Like It, Including Me. Thx Bye.
why is your sig with CAPS then?

fuckin hypocrites man


But overall i was going to ask whether it makes a diff what rev # the dcm315 is. I just got one of these sucker modems, it's ver 2.2 and i'm positive it will work, but i'm planning on buying some more however the seller informs me that they are all v.1.1

does that pose an incompatibility of some kind for fercsa's 13.5

>i hear older versions have a metal bottom, made in Taiwan, and the revised v2.20a is made in china and has a plastic bottom, which is what i got.

does anyone know what the hw diffs are between these two versions and with usbjtag, is only one of them compatible or are both?
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dcm 315 china or taiwan

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i got this suckers pre-mode from a supplyer when they when down i try to make then work back which i did for many of then,china's no problem, taiwan oooh those suckers, got a hard time with then,read all over the net, everyboby got a different vertion of how to make then work,it got it be an easy way for it with sigma 128,anyway anyboby have the original flash for it,santi's got it for the china one. pls poest it thks
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I think i posted about that modem way back. Maybe about a year ago. I ran into the same problem. I figured loading 13.5 on the plastic one would be the same as 13.5 on the metal one. There is supposedly a telnet command to make it work but i never did.

Ill search for my backup and try this modem again.
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some 1.X modems work fine, some have 4MB flash and hacked firmware will not work correctly, and some just will not lock upstream.
I have the fix for not lock upstream and no its not the telnet command that you put every reboot, its a one time deal enless you reflash the modem.
you can contact me on yahoo msg "natas660" and i'll do this via team viewer.
I just do not want this leaked to cloner site's.
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help out

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and I was wondering, from a software point of view where do you install the actual frame where

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