extract certs from full dump, dpc3000

RCA, DPC, etc.
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extract certs from full dump, dpc3000

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how to pull certs from full original dump of DPC3000?
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I'm looking for similar answer but for the TM822G
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bigbox wrote:I'm looking for similar answer but for the TM822G
Is it similar to other modems that can be put in Ujmodem?
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Get the nonvol explorer program (cmnonexp.exe) by qingpu. Version 1.1.1 -> (google search)
And i can show you how to uploaded the needed keys.
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There's something called binwalk. you can use it to extract all the bins inside the fullbin
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i think for some reason it dont do mips target wit spi flash bins it recognises der certs but not extract
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