2002 Volvo CEM

This talks about BDM used on card Engine computer
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2002 Volvo CEM

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A user in a group on Facebook led me to purchasing this tool to read the CEM flash in circuit. I have the tool activated. He sent me the file he used for the xml file but even after using the connection in the video, it will say USB connected but it always says BDM OFF. What exactly does that mean? Also I noticed in video he has 2 tabs one says Code and one says Flash. But mine always says Code and Eeprom. I’ve tried loading the ECU>BDM>VolvoCEM under configuration but the furthest I’ve ever gotten is “something” under EEPROM that looks like binary code but when I typed “d 8000” it didn’t display a VIN.

Anyone that could please provide some help I’d greatly appreciate it. I have to figure this out over next couple days or just wave white flag and let the friend I’m doing it for pursue other options.

But I’d appreciate any help!

Thank you in advance
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Re: 2002 Volvo CEM

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I can help you via zoom remote desktop. but you have to find me on the chat.
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