411 pcm unable to ID flash type

This talks about BDM used on card Engine computer
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411 pcm unable to ID flash type

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Help needed,(noob)
I've been using my BDM uploading a number of different 512KB bin files to my ecu to learn from.

After uploading a few bins, I can now no longer ID the Flash chip (intel AM28F400b5 , bottom boot i'm lead to believe)
The last file i uploaded had a seed located at hex range 4000 instead of the normal 6000, only discovered this after trying to fix my problem.(not sure if this matters with BDM use)

As the BDM will not ID the chip anymore I can't upload a different bin.

Can anyone help , is the chip now a throw away or is there a way to fix it.
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Re: 411 pcm unable to ID flash type

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Do you see a good RPC value? If not then check your connection.
If yes then the configuration might be wrong.
There is a video checking if your BDM NT is damaged or not.
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