This talks about BDM used on card Engine computer
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I bought this tool back a year or so ago to do a Volvo CEM. Never did have any luck with it lol BUT I was wondering what one would have to do to make it so that a BMW ecu could be read using this. There is one particular one a Bosch ME9.2 that has BDM pads that in order to make a key you have to have the full flash read and there is really only like 2 options out there and they are quiet expensive if you don’t do them regularly. I have the pin outs, information on it and may even have one laying around if it’s something that would help further this. I know for sure a vehicle they are found in is a 2008-2011? BMW x5 4.8L xDrive.

Thanks for your time!
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What type of CPU it uses? This can help to determine if u-link NT can read/write it.
For Volvo CEM there are plenty information and videos showing how to program it. If you need help I can setup a zoom meeting.
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