Support for V5xxx NEC/MIPS/Nwire? Voice it here!

Here you can put bug report of USB JTAG/BDM or features or device you want to support. Please submit wish list only. Other topics will moved out from this forum
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Support for V5xxx NEC/MIPS/Nwire? Voice it here!

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Hello everyone out there.

I personally would love to see support for this series of equipment.
This stuff seems to be coming and going right past us without it ever being added to the list of items we can work with.

I love everything that has been accomplished by USBBDM, personally I think you are a genius, and I love my USBBDM and USBJTAGNT tools from his site.

But I see on some posts on the site that a lot of folks are starting to go down this particular route for working on stuff, but can't.

I understand USBBDM has worldwide obligations, but as Merkin said, there are a lot of folks willing to contribute hardware, and a lot of the research has already been done.

I guess what is needed is to show USBBDM if this is an important area of work, or not.

To that end, anyone who wishes to see development in this area, please tag onto this post, andlet us see how many folks are interested.

If very few folks respond, thenI guess USBBDM is correct in leaving this area alone.

I would like to see development, so I start it off!

Thanks Boss, for your support, and thanks to whoever tags on.
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