New forum created.

Here you can put bug report of USB JTAG/BDM or features or device you want to support. Please submit wish list only. Other topics will moved out from this forum
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New forum created.

Post by usbbdm »

In this forum you can put your wish list to USB JTAG/BDM software.
Anything you think of which will improve the usability of USB JTAG.
1. Bugs need to be fixed.
2. Features you like to see.
3. Devices you want to support.
4. Other suggestions.

If it is a bug, more likely it will be fixed in latter release. If it is a feature I will see my how I can add them to latter release. I also need to consider if I have enough resource to test. (eg. The device). Thanks to those user who mailed me many device so I can have more device to test on.
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Post by chart3rguy »

hd boxes and hd/dvr boxes :o)
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Post by krunkcraig »

An Easy way to download current stats like ip addresses upm, uid mac's ect.
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Post by oldnewbie »

Please USBBDM add support to .p7 and other compressed images for SB motorolas...and ARRIS ones... (I have some .p7, .img and others FWs ready to be tested)

Right now we can find some of those images with SHELL support -over the inet and some private.

Also, if you find a way to clone (easy) and REPAIR AND REGENERATE the modem certificates (so you use a valid , let's say 25 Mb DOCSIS 1.1 and 2.0 MAC, then you regenerate the modem's certificates in order to pass the BPI+ checks...) that would be the ULTIMATE hack!!!!

at least 50% (if not more) of the market for your products is the modem community.... and around 80-90% uses motorola ones.
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Great Idea!!

Post by Naztheros »

oldnewbie wrote:Please USBBDM add support to .p7 and other compressed images for SB motorolas...and ARRIS ones... (I have some .p7, .img and others FWs ready to be tested)
That would be an awesome feature IMHO!!!
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Post by Theo »

I think having these scripts " " translated to English would be great and very usefull.From what I can translate myself, which is very limited they are awesome and very handy. Just my 2 cents.....Thanks
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Need a better documentation and hardware

Post by joefoos »

My wish is just to see this cable work properly in general. Thats my wish. Something that works more that it fails. Need a team of guy concentrating on its development and each persone specializing in specific field. This product has a long way to go.
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Post by usbbdm »

Most problem you are facing related to the initial goal of this product.
Most people in this forum are trying to get a JTAG tool to PROGRAM the device only. But this device was created as a development tool. And I belive most people have been using some sort of "JTAG" before and think taht JTAG IS a programming device. Actually programming the target is a small portion that JTAG can provide. The most useful feature of JTAG and BDM are their capability of debuging.

I know there is more demand of programming (or debricking) than a better debuging device. I have learned lessons. Since the USBJTAG was created on an obsolete chip and I had been cloned. I have to design a new UAB JTAG hardware with new software. So you have noticed I have done less to the existing software. Many features can be created with new software.
1. Make a program only software with modem only UI. (Many had said that blackcat is very easy to use, even though it can only program SB modem).
2. Not command based. (Some of people had learned the fexibility of command UI and create many scripts for different purpose).
3. Better debricking capability. I think with current UI it is almost impossible to debrick anything. Actually it is possible. Until I collect more dead device I will look into add beter debrick to the existing software.
4. Better logging. (I know this is easy and useful when things fail).
5. Remote support.

All these are on my TODO list but I have to finish the new design first. I have seen that USBJTAGNT is even faster in reading memory. (Programming speed will not improve too much as the speed is limited by the flash chip. Many wait state need to be inserted to wait for the completion of programing). So backup firmware will be at least two times faster than USBJTAG. Again it will not be available soon.

I am balancing my work load on new SW/HW development and support this forum. Sometime I have to deal with hard stuff. (Like DDOS). I am glad that people are interested in new technoledge instead come just ask for help.
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Post by johnny3 »

is there a way to use JTAG on arris tm502g modem to get it work after disconection
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Post by Fernand0 »

Hola amigos soy nuevo en el foro! Soy de Argentina!! Espero alguien entienda algo de lo que les digo!!! Y espero poder ayudarlos como ustedes me ayudan a mi Muchas gracias.
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Post by shappyking »

i wish i can get a software to program my ARRIS tm602g and tm502g
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Post by ibussatti »

please linux support
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Post by fox_el_negro »

please mac support

i have to use a pc every time i use th usbjtag!!!!!!!!!:confused:

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Post by esobrino »

si es posible, que publiquen un firmware con la capacidad de "abrir" los canales encriptados. similar a los bin's que se instalan en los decoders satelitales.
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I need some info

Post by ealfonso »

Hello, I’m living in Alabama and we have Comcast and Charter cable services in this area, I’m new in all this and for that reason I’m looking for help.
Could some one tell me how to program some cable box and if some of the boxes that if for sale in ebay could work for me, I have the USB JTAG-NT all ready but I don’t know what to do with it. Thank you.
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