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Here you can put bug report of USB JTAG/BDM or features or device you want to support. Please submit wish list only. Other topics will moved out from this forum
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support tabs for DSR920 DSR922

Post by Alonso »

it would be nice to create a script for DSR920 DSR922 to fake uid change time and althought there are similaties with dct2224 i think it would be easy to start testing to adjust memory lenght and tabs from the .dll .xml refering to code ram nvram and dip etc i can provide info and testing to help create those scripts.
Just remember im an electronics engineer im very familiar with boards and traces but new to use bdm and software but its not hard for me that you ask me to perform special test and report back to the forum.
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Post by GideonOmega »

I second that -- I don't have any 4dtv equipment -- however starchoice equipment is very similar to the 4dtv recievers.
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Post by d0 »

auto-detect target device and set up the configuration accordingly without having to reset the program!
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Post by xy-Zee »

i wish there was a gui that once the files were added that all you have to do is hit one button and it will do the rest. call it lazy or what ever, but i think this will be nice to have. just my 2cents for the day. lol
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