NFC29Xx support

Here you can put bug report of USB JTAG/BDM or features or device you want to support. Please submit wish list only. Other topics will moved out from this forum
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NFC29Xx support

Post by ratmen »

For the first , I just received the U-link nt adapter and tested on bosch radars (mpc5675k) to clone . Its reading/writing very fast

for the wish list
1. It is possible add support for NFC29Xx ? read/wirte/renewal . This chip used on new car keys
2. it is possible read/write mpc5748g ? (on BMW BDC3 , Mazda BCM . I don`t know this chips are locked or not, I cannt find mcu pinout)

thx in advance
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Re: NFC29Xx support

Post by usbbdm »

This can be on the wish list but I am currently work on ECU programming with can bus.
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