how to debrick an ubiquiti uf-loco?

This is JTAG to debrick any JTAG device. Modem, cable boxes, dish boxes routers.
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how to debrick an ubiquiti uf-loco?

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I messed with the wrong files in my ubiquiti networks uf-loco (a gpon to ethernet adapter) and now I am trying to figure out how to debrick it.

I managed to find the 4 pins which are assined to the serial console, but I unable to figure out what are other 4 pins, I suspect is some kind of SPI interface, as those pins are near the NAND flash.

The serial console does not help much as it won't even reach the uboot menu... Can someone give me a help?

Thanks in advance,
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Re: how to debrick an ubiquiti uf-loco?

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If it has a nand flash you might need nand programmer to program a good image to it.
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Re: how to debrick an ubiquiti uf-loco?

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This model is with NAND memory, you must open to see nand model, and then put in reply the model to check if it is compatible with U-link NAND
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