Return channel, unit adress, processor debugger, pcmcia interface.

JTAG on DVI3000.

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Return channel, unit adress, processor debugger, pcmcia interface.

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Hello, i have four questios.

1. There is a definitive proof to know if i have damaged the return channel?, my dvi3020 don't actualize the soft normally, i have to enter to the secret menu and actualize manually. I had cuted the return channel by this procedure and i can't restore it: ... perkg0.png

but i don't know if i have the return channel interrupted permanently and how to solve it.

2. There is a method to fake the unit adress, in order to log the activation of another device on my subnode knowing the ua of this unit?

3. There is a method to debug the processor of the 3020 or the 3120 via usbjtag in order to log watchdog activation/deactivation, comunication with xc and internal procedures?

4. I have read that probably the xc42006 is really an ic made by sony (cxd2099) because "CXD2099 failed to acknowledge data transfer" that is a common interface controller. It has a regular pcmcia interface then in theory it can comunicate through a pcmcia emulator to debug it. Anyone has tried it?

Thanks in advance.
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