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NvTool help

Post by talypascual »

Good morning, anyone have any information on how to use NvTool to remove channels that is not authorized or definitely not work in a dct, whether or DCT700 DCT2000, does not matter because the nvram working in the same way with this tool.
I use this tool for other things and is very useful, but I've been reading, even a small manual that brings this software and do not see how. I've searched the forum and other but dont I see a post clear about this.
Finally, to clarify, I am testing a dct, 100 channels which is working, but like other 500 channels that do not work and i would like to remove these channels to not be going through them and see the screen "one moment please" or "not authorized" .
thanks Soo much
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Post by usbbdm »

There is a channel mask and if you can let it stay you can skip the channels. But normally your CC will update the channel mask after you plug in the cable. So the settings will not stay.
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