Happy new year 2020

News to announce.
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Happy new year 2020

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I wish everyone a happy new year.
There will be some interesting things happening in 2020.
1. We will release a new hardware to support JTAG/SPI programming. This device is intend to be universal which means it will support more device. USB JTAG NT was initially designed for MIPS JTAG and gradually added more device, but due to the initial JTAG design limitation, some new devices cannot be added (Atmega,93CXX EEPROM, etc). This new device is not based on JTAG design it was based on programmable IO design, (like old days printer port) so not only will it support JTAG, it will also support other devices.
2. I will make more and better youtube videos to help newbie. I will soon release videos on explain the SPI programming answering the concepts.
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