USBJTAGNT (u-Link NT) for Linux 64 bit

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64 bit Linux version of NT.

April 19,2024 1.53 CAN E39 E39A and BAM programming
Feb 21,2024 1.52 Add CAN bus logger
Oct 9,2023 1.51 Fix bug that cannot adjust clock USB BDM NT or USB JTAG NT,Add password entery for E200 target
Aug 11,2023 1.50 Add Password for E200. All 95XXX EEPROM
July 8,2023 1.49 Add blank check button. Add SPC564 and MPC5602P. Fix bugs in MPC5675K
Apr 16,2023 1.48 Fix bug for NAND ONFI detection.
Mar 29,2023 1.47, MPC5675K support
Dec 19,2022 1.46, 24M02 and 5P08 EEPROM support
Nov 29,2022 1.45, 1.45 Add auto save tab option Better memory init format when clone the target xml. TMS470 read.
May 29,2022 1.42 EDC16 target. EEPROM read/write. Make the half of the BDM(5xx) pins optional.
April 12,2022 1.41 Allow filename/folder name with space.93C EEPROM 16 bit support.
Feb 12,2022 1.40 Fix crash while doing MR18 programmming.
Feb 10,2022 1.39 Fix issue for BDM target doing init need to set slower clock..
Feb 1,2022 1.38 Add import xml function.
Jan 12,2022 1.37 Allow modify existing XML without reboot.
Dec 19,2021 1.36 Add speed control for NAND
Nov 27,2021 1.35 Add S3C2440 Nand (arm9)
Oct 30,2021 1.34 Fix EEPROM for Audi TCU.
Oct 12,2021 1.33a Fix the bitware script.
Oct 1,2021 1.33 Windows portable. More command support memory range from fdisk.
Sept. 8,2021 1.32 Add MEC16XX JTAG programming
Sept. 4,2021 1.31 Add MC68F375 internal flash programming
Aug 21,2021 1.30 Add "fdisk" command for sdcard target. Easier to program bitware
Aug 13,2021 1.29 Fix lodram from default folder.
Aug 10,2021 1.28 Add back the original memory management. Allow emmc to have memory segments. Fix script for emmc.
Aug 02,2021 1.27 Add SPI EC KB90XX support.
July 30,2021 1.26 Add larger EMMC support . Changed the way to handle EMMC/SDcard memory (file based)
July 6 2021 1.25 Add EMMC and SD card target. less than 2GB for now
June 6 2021 1.24 Add Givepower command for NAND target,Fix speed issue with MPC target (Found in ECU38).
April 5 2021 1.23 BDM NT support faster clock,Fix NAND Sprogram script issue.Add ECU as category.
Mar 28 2021 1.22a Patch to 1.22. There is a bug for BDM in 1.22 caused the flash detect fail.
Mar 17 2021 1.22 Add SPI Nand flash
Feb 26 2021 1.21 Add BDM Byte mode fast programming,Fix fast programming for ECU 411 target
Feb 15 2021 1.20 Fix g= and t= command for BDM target. Only use 8K for BDM fast programming. Work for E40 ECU
Jan 28 1.19 Allow target name different than the file name.Fix ONFI NAND flash detection for some chip. Add some delay.BDM NT Byte mode.
Dec 17 2020 1.18 Fix MPC565 found in E67 ECU programming
Nov 21 2020 1.17 NAND compare bug fix. Save the target title. Unify the activation for all OS
Oct 20 2020 1.16 Add Support for NFC target. Fix Bug on NAND programming.
Sept. 15 2020 1.15 Add Unlock for HSC12 target, NAND flash OFNI support. When cmpram the bit error can be skipped and continue to compare
Aug 31,2020 1.14. Add HSC12 BDM. E38 target and MC9S12XS128 tested.
July 31,2020 1.13. Add MPC565 in core flash support. Fix missing element for copy target when create new XML.
July 24,2020 1.12. Add MPC55X support. 32 bit wide flash.On Linux and Mac, fix the u-Link hangs when select different target while it is conencted to USB
June 20,2020 1.11. Fix issue when unplug USB while in read/write and replug back in caused the USB state not update properly. Add TSOP NAND protocol.
June 5,2020 First reselase for 64 bit Linux
April 11,2020 1.10 Add hardware diag for u-link and USB JTAG NT. Add one wire DS2431 for u-Link NT
April 1,2020 1.09 Fix Error for Nor CFI flash detection.
Mar 8,2020 1.08 Fix bug when create new SPI flash xml.Add SPI flash status after detect
Mar 5,2020 1.07 Allow SPI 4K erase/programming.Fix error on testing command
Feb 29,2020 1.06 Fix anoter SDFP detect issue.Add endian convert command.Fix conenction display on 4K monitor.
Feb 20,2020 1.05 Fix detect SDFP SPI. Fix erase for some SPI flash. Add CFI(SDFP) log. Improve u-Link Speed
Feb 06,2020 1.04 Add 93C EEPROM pinout,Fix CPLD display issue.
Feb 01,2020 1.03 First working pinfinder.Fix crash on ST20 target
Jan 26,2020 1.02 First release support MPC850 CPU.
Jan 22,2020 1.01. Fix u-Link Activation. For single JTAG, put back the cmd window at the bottom.
Jan 12,2020 1.00. Add ULink NT to the build,Add HiLo command for BDM target
Dec 26,2019 0.91. Add stability to ST40 detect. Fix minor bug for ST40 nand target detect.
Dec 8,2019 0.90. Prevent multiple app from starting.
Nov 10,2019 0.89. Restore single JTAG controls
Aug 6,2019 0.87. Fix SPI flash detec issue. UJmodem 0.28
July 27,2019 0.86. Support MT7621 dual core CPU.
Mar 31,2019 0.85. Support Sti5517Support SST25V040.
July 1,2018 0.84. Support N25Q512A.
May 6,2018 0.83
April 3,2018 0.82
Mar 27,2017 0.81
Jan 2,2017 0.80
April 17,2016 0.78
Jan 27,2016 0.77
Sep 17,2014 0.71a
Sep 15,2014 0.71
Dec 9,2013 0.65
Feb 25,2013 060
Jan 24,2012 0.55
Oct 1,2011 0.54
July 13,2011 0.51
Jun 30,2011 0.50a
April 16,2011, 0.47

tar -xvf USBJTAGNT-xxx-Linux.tar

Dec 25. Official build. Use libusb1.0.
Dec build2 Solve font and drag issue on SuSe. Tested under Suse 32 bit.
Dec 15, rebuild for the drag and drop issue. Use command
tar -xvf USBJTAGNT-0.45a-Linux-x86.tar
Dec 14 0.45a

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