USB JTAG NT (u-Link NT) Portable (No setup, workd on Windows XP)

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Feb 21,2024 1.52 Add CAN bus logger Oct 9,2023 1.51 Fix bug that cannot adjust clock USB BDM NT or USB JTAG NT,Add password entery for E200 target
Aug 11,2023 1.50 Add Password for E200. All 95XXX EEPROM
July 8,2023 1.49 Add blank check button. Add SPC564 and MPC5602P. Fix bugs in MPC5675K
Apr 16,2023 1.48 Fix bug for NAND ONFI detection.
Mar 29,2023 1.47, MPC5675K support
Dec 19,2022 1.46, 24M02 and 5P08 EEPROM support
Nov 3,2022 1.45, 1.45 Add auto save tab option Better memory init format when clone the target xml. TMS470 read.
Oct 6,2022 1.44, Add youtube icon, Add auto save when read. Also several option for the file name.
July 10,2022 1.43a Minor bug fix for multiple detect flash
June 19,2022 1.43 Add blkchk command for flash blank check
May 29,2022 1.42 EDC16 target. EEPROM read/write. Make the half of the BDM(5xx) pins optional.
April 12,2022 1.41 Allow filename/folder name with space.93C EEPROM 16 bit support.
Feb 12,2022 1.40 Fix crash while doing MR18 programmming.
Feb 10,2022 1.39 Fix issue for BDM target doing init need to set slower clock..
Feb 1,2022 1.38 Add import xml function.
Nov 27,2021 1.35 Add S3C2440 Nand (arm9)
Oct 30,2021 1.34 Fix EEPROM for Audi TCU.
Oct 12,2021 1.33a Fix the bitware script.
Oct 1,2021 1.33 Windows portable. More command support memory range from fdisk.

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