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Old 08-03-2015, 05:57 PM
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Default Reset Cycle Counter in Laptop Battery Packs

Good evening. I was wondering if anyone had succeeded in applying the JTAG as an EEPROM to reset the Cycle Counter on the chip that's inside typical
Laptop Battery Packs back to zero to rejuvenate older Li-Ion batteries.
I have a Dell Latitude D630 that's from 2008 and in mint condition. I've tried freezing the Pack - no dice. I've tried jump-starting ( yes, like an Auto ) and, still no dice. And, I DO realize that typical Li-Ion Batteries fade away around three ( 3 ) years of cycling but, I like tricks. Does anyone know if this can be done with the JTAG ? I've got my doubts but, well, you know .........
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