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Old 11-17-2009, 03:58 PM
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Default Need speak expert mod ambits

hey there,

I would like to speak expert who mod on ambits of 250 or 255. I did hook up ambits with live cable and it show flash and all look good but when i flash with lately haxorware and able to open the haxorware page but no internet on line. I have diasble bpi and change 5 mac. It get no where. i have 4 of them that i flash all able to open haxorware but no internet. Only light are on Power usb and ent but rest of them are off. What am i missing? I did flash 1.1 39, 1.1 38 or 1.1 32 all are same. I flash thought hyertherminal.

Been struggle for over 2 week. It not brick yet because i able to read and flash it. Help is really appreaction.
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