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Originally Posted by justsomeguy View Post
looks GREAT!!! were you able to get the onboard keyboard working with the new "app" or still are required to use external keyboard? it would be awesome if you could get the onboard one working for the convenience aspect of it. it's kinda a pain in the ass if you have a great handy app like this one that you have created but have to drag along a big ol klunky keyboard with ya whenever ya wanna use it..

i'm still waiting for you to send it over so I can try er out! we finally have found a "app" that is actually USEFULL !! how about that !!!!!!!!
On board keyboard works for single line editing. So enter email for activation works. I could make the command line using on board keyboard too but that will limit the command to be single line.
I have not yet make it ready for "easy" installation. There are several steps needed to be able to run it.
But you are welcome to try it out.
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