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Originally Posted by usbbdm View Post
Inspired by the senior member here, I am doing experiment porting USB JTAG NT software to Android devices. Yes I am using tablet to do regular JTAG work. This will be the first JTAG device that can run on tablet and if it works I might port all DLL's and UJmodem as well.
So far the initial GUI looks OK. However the main menu is gong, all the tool bar works fine. To be able to type the command you might need an external keyboard. If we want to use the command box, I might need to redesign the code so it can accept tablet keyboard.

I will keep you guys updated.
this is awesome!!! one recommendation would be really nice to see the keyboard to be able to manually input the commands...I don't have a tablet but I do have the Samsung galaxy note..and I love it, it's like a cross over between a phone and if you need anyone to test things out for ya just let me know~

now will the size for this app be directly for tablets? or will it morph into phone sizes as well?

thanks boss man,
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