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Sound like you're spooked, i have about 31 years testing from on tv, zee channel and select tv i saw cc companies come ago .just think the dct series units been out since 1995 this testing sight only been around since 2005. Cc has been relaxing for 10 years because they believe the dct system was fool proof so there was no need for engineers to come out with tools to combat testing of the dct units .i also believe they (cc) dont understand 90 percent of this testing sight even their brightest engineers take a look at fta and direct tv both those testing sights destroyed and done away with now look how both was out of control people selling satellite cards and boxes out their homes and backyards this here takes a rocket scientist to understand this sight its not made for everyone im stll learning and you too even the great one usbdm is still learning . So stop being spooked we all in school even cc engineers .