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Did you make any progress with this?

If you need help getting the flash chip into command mode, this C code worked for me:

#define COMMAND_REG_AAA (*((volatile uint16_t*)0xAAA))
#define COMMAND_REG_554 (*((volatile uint16_t*)0x554))

// Switch to flash into ID-query mode.
COMMAND_REG_554 = 0x5555;

// Read the identifier from address zero.
//flashIdentifier = FLASH_IDENTIFIER;
uint16_t manufacturer = FLASH_MANUFACTURER;
uint16_t device = FLASH_DEVICE;
uint32_t id = ((uint32_t)manufacturer << 16) | device;

The data sheet was not clear at all. That code was mostly based on existing code that I found in a GM ECU, and code that someone else showed me from a Lotus ECU.

I think I accidentally erased my ECU's boot block, so I'm working on getting the BDM NT set up to fix it. I'm hoping you guys can get writing to work by the time I get mine wired up.

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