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Default P59 PCM with AMD Flash

I've been following bubba2533's thread on getting the P59 PCM that uses the Intel AB28F800 flash chip working with the USB BDM NT device:

This "New" TP59.xml file that you created for bubba2533 does not work with my 1 Meg P59 PCM that uses the AM29F800BB flash chip and I was hoping you could help me too.

After connecting everything and before I press the "ID" button on the tool bar, I look in the lower right corner of the software it says: "USB Connected" and "BDM ON"

Here is the output from the USBJTAGNT software when I press the "ID" button on the toolbar:

Copyright (C) 2010-2015
Target: P59
-speed 0
-speed 1
-reset 1
unknown flash type!
Report these values 0001,2258

I then read the contents of the AMD AM29F800BB flash using the TP59.xml file, and the bin file it created is attached below.

I compared the bin file created by the USB BDM NT device with a known good bin file from the same P59 PCM, and the two bins are identical. So I know that the TP59.xml file is correctly reading the memory contents of the AMD AM29F800BB flash memory using the USB BDM NT device.

I hope what I said makes sense. I'm very new to using the BDM device to read and program these PCM's.

Let me know if there is anything else you might need.

Thanks in advance for your help with this.

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