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Originally Posted by marthypaul View Post
My comp, which I have tried to assemble has mobo with Bios chip SST 49LF004B. In PLCC 32 socket. After countless tries to update this faulty chip, finally died.
Manage to start this comp at the begining, but finally died. Was trying to hot swap in another comp with similar award bios and same socket, but none utilities works. Previous owner was using award soft to update this chip, but it is well known, that Award soft is buggy and very often made these chips useless. Doesn't matter, whether you use dos utility or win utility, which is big time "boobo".

Found old NI card with the same 32 PLCC card and downloaded soft to update this chip on the card, but it doesn't work.
Found in my junks another chip 32 PLCC,-->winbond W4F002UP12B9, was tryin' to program that by hot swap in another comp with that 32 PLCC socket, but no way "Hosey".
Have other chips, one from the NI card, and one from 547 old conner hd, in which there is also ST chip, with 512 MB, other conner old hd have 256 chips. Found old 85 HD Quantum with Microchip with 512 M memory.

I know, that BlackCat USB can program that chips without problem. But I sent it to my friend and do not have it anymore.

So JtagNT should be able to program this Sp type chips easy, it is just EEPROM, most popular is 32 PLCC eeprom.

Ordered already on ebay PLCC socket.
Think, that JtagNT should be able to program thos bios chips. In any format, in PLCC or other.

Anybody can offer help on this ???? IF yes, then I will submit the pinout data sheet for the 32 PLCC EEPROM.
When you are ready, give me a message and I can try to help you.
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