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ricktendo 12-22-2014 10:50 PM

Optimized usbjtag.inf for Windows 6.x
The following is an optimized INF for use with Windows 6.x (Vista and above.) There is no need for the CoInstallers unless you are working on Windows 2000/XP (even so it may be a good idea to update the older driver from 01007 to 01009 CoInstallers)

Anyway here is the optimized INF (no other files needed)


Signature = "$Windows NT$"
Class = USB
Provider = %ProviderName%

; ========== Manufacturer/Models sections ===========

%ProviderName% = MyDevice_WinUSB,NTx86.6.0,NTamd64.6.0

%USB\MyDevice.DeviceDescNT% =USB_Install, USB\Vid_04B4&Pid_8613
%USB\MyDevice.DeviceDesc% =USB_Install, USB\Vid_0547&Pid_2131

%USB\MyDevice.DeviceDescNT% =USB_Install, USB\Vid_04B4&Pid_8613
%USB\MyDevice.DeviceDesc% =USB_Install, USB\Vid_0547&Pid_2131

; =================== Installation ===================





; =================== Strings ===================


BTW I have a self signed version of this INF that gets around the problem on Windows 8+ with unsigned drivers, I could provide it and I could also show you how you can make your own (just let me know if anybody is interested)

usbbdm 12-23-2014 10:12 AM

I have solved sign issue by using CyUSB. This works for Windows 8 and Windows 10. Can you take a look of it? I still like WinUSB better if I am using Windows 7 and under.

ricktendo 12-23-2014 11:18 PM

WinUSB is already a part of Windows (since Vista) and the only thing these two CoInstallers are used for is to add them to operating systems that dont have WinUSB (like XP, 2000)


Open them up in a resource editor or 7zip and you will see all they are is a way to deliver a hotfix into XP, these are installing WinUSB ported from Vista RTM for XP (does nothing on Vista/7/8*)

01007 = WinUSB from Vista porting to XP
01009 = WinUSB from Windows 7 RTM porting to Vista and XP
01011 = WinUSB from Windows 8.0 RTM porting to 7 and Vista (XP support dropped)

The only reason to keep the CoInstallers is for XP support, and updating them to 01009 best... Other than that all you need is this INF, any of the listed CoInstallers is useless in Windows 7 since the WinUSB version has already been updated to the 8.1 WinUSB via Windows Update

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