DCT700 pinout issue

JTAG on dct2500/dct700
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DCT700 pinout issue

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Hi guys:

Sorry if this doesn't belong here but I don't have anywhere to ask. I have a Xilinx DLC9G which has JTAG mode, with the pinout as follows:
2 Vref 4 TMS 6 TCK 8 TDO 10 TDI 12 NC 14 TRST and all other GND. Through some Dupont cables, I am connecting to a DCT700, which should have the following pinout: 1 TRST 3 TDI 5 TDO 7 TMS 9 TCK 11 RESET 13 NC and all other GND. However, after I am done with the connection, nothing happens, Impact can not detect the DCT700. Am I doing something wrong?
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Re: DCT700 pinout issue

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Only 2,4,6,8,10 on DCT700 are ground.
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