Sb900 wifi resetting the flash.....

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Sb900 wifi resetting the flash.....

Post by hqa18 » Tue Nov 24, 2009 4:13 pm

The process of resetting the flash chip on the SBG900 is not the same as for the SB5100. The voltage points are different.

What you need to do is apply 3.3v from the regulator to the flash itself, not the JTAG pins. This needs to be done while the unit is powering up.

So, solder one end of a short lead (no less than 10cm, though) directly to the leg of the regulator (refer to pic). Strip just a little insulation from the other end of the wire (perhaps 1/16 inch) so that you don't expose enough wire allowing an easy short circuit if you have shaky hands. Tin the end.

Now, apply the free end of that wire to the FLASH point indicated by the red dot, as seen in the image. Power up the unit and keep that wire touching until the lights turn off.
Do NOT power cycle the modem. Connect your JTAG cable of choice, fire up your software, and detect. Shouldn't even need the revive script. Proceed to load and program until the cows come home.

See the below image for the connection points.