USB JTAG NT is the second generation of USBJTAG.
UJmodem is a software based on USB JTAG NT and provide better UI as well as continue support CLI.
USBJTAG NT provide faster programming speed and wider range of target support. The 48MHz of CPU clock and USB 2.0 specification makes the faster access of target possible. Most of the access speed is about 50% faster than USB JTAG. It supports PIC32MX (EJTAG 2.6, with FASTDATA support it is even faster, the read memory goes to 450KB/s and write memory goes to 550KB/s).
USBJTAG NT supports SPI flash making it the fastest SPI flash programmer in the world!! You can program MX25L0165A for only 8 seconds!
UJModem video for program an SB5100 Program sigma
UJModem video for modify the mac address Change mac
This is also the best tool for WRT54G router. Program the entire router under less than two minutes. Recent test has proved that is can 100% debrick any WRT54G router.
USB JTAG NT supports PIC32MX and program 512KB/s will take a little more than 3 seconds. The future plan is to support GDB for MIPS developer. PIC32MX is the first to support and thanks the support from Microchip team. The GDB project is started and soon we will be able to debug PIC32MX with USB JTAG NT.

Comparison of USBJTAG and USBJTAG NT

Board Picture
HW Release dateMay 2006Oct 2008
Chip selected.Cypress AN2131 USB 1.1 chip 24MHz CPU clockCypress FX2 USB 2.0 chip. 48MHz CPU clock
TCK clock12MHz fixedAdjustable 12MHz, 6MHz 3MHz, wider range of target support for slower target
0.48 support Conexant CPU (ARM920T and ARM946)
0.51 support DCU3
0.53 support ppc (DM500)
0.55 support ST40

Future protocol: ST40 etc.
USB speed.USB 1.1 12 Mbit/sUSB 2.0 480Mbit/s and 12Mbit/s(when USB1.1 is used)
Connector14 pin non changeable. EJTAG 2.6 0.1pitch
14 pin changeable,EJTAG 2.6 0.1pitch. If target board has different pinout, convert cable needed.
SPI read speedN/A900KB/s
SPI write speedN/A230-260KB/s(8 seconds to program MX25FL0165A)
SW developerwww.usbjtag.com
Target CPU supportMIPS32,DMA, non-DMA.
MIPS64 non-DMA.ST20.
MIPS32, DMA, non-DMA
MIPS64 non-DMA, ST20.SPI serial flash,I2CEEPROM. Conexant CPU,ARM9,DCU3,ST40
Future support CPU, MIPS64 DMA,ARM7,Power PC
CLI Software version 0.30
CLI interface, Latest version is 0.79.
Support old USB BDM too. Old USB JTAG can do SPI read
GUI Software versionN/A
UJModem 0.25a lot easier than CLI and still support command line.
Software downloadhttp://www.usbjtag.com/vbforum/downloads.php
State of the softwareMatainance only. Minor enhancementActive development. New features will be added. New hardware will be supported.
ConfigurationText config fileXML config files. Better organized for huge target and flash type support.
Script supportSupported.
Board TestedCable Modems:All MIPS based (Broadcom) modems include SB5100,SB5101,RCA315,RCA325,SB4200,SB4100,SBV5120,SGB900,etc
Cable boxes:DCT2500,DCT700,DCT6412,Pace501
Satellite receivers: MIPS based, IRD301-010.ST20 based FTA boxes,IRD2700,IRD301.013,Pansat etc.
Cable Modems:All MIPS based (Broadcom) modems include SB5100,SB5101,SB5102(SPI)RCA315,RCA325,SB4200,SB4100,SBV5120,SBG900,SB6120(SPI)etc
Cable boxes:DCT2500,DCT700,DCT6412,DP501
Routers:WRT54G family. WRT350N.MN700,WGR614v9(0.36).AR430W (SPI over JTAG)
VOIP: RTP300,WRTP54G,VT2142,VT2442,VT2542.D-link VWR-VD.WGR615V.
Satellite receivers: MIPS based, IRD301-010.ST20 based FTA boxes,IRD2700,IRD301.013,Pansat etc.
Conexant CPU: Viewsat, Sonicview, CNX Nano2, Nano Premium
PPC: DM500
DCU3:Sti5505 (XV3300)
EEPROM, 24LC00-24LC1024.
ST40:Sonicview 8000HD(Sti7100). IPTV(Sti5202), STi5202 NAND
XBOX360Nand programming.
Future target board to be tested. DCH70, DCH3416.
Linux, MAC Android SupportNo0.71a Now officially support Linux and Mac. 0.65 for Android
User manual User manual of NT

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