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UJModem provide GUI for modem programming.

[NOTE] You must download main USBJTAG software first. Put UJmodem under the same directory as your main USBJTAG software.


Jan 3,2011 .25b
Oct 12,2010 0.25a
0.25 Use newer UI code. Prepare for Linux and Mac.
0.24 support LPT JTAG for SPI read and write.
0.23 Support old USB JTAG SPI read. Re-org the SB6120 memory map.
0.22 Fix error on save activation.
0.21. Fix crash when insert the SB5101 cert.
0.20,1. Add SB6120, 2. Add SB512Mod,3. Add "program" for SPI flash.
0.19 Improve online activation.
0.18a Fix watchdog problem on SB4100 and SB4200
0.18 Add Netgear CG814WG V2
0.17 1. Add Ambit 256
2. Specify the data directory
3. Cert enhancement.
0.16 1. Add Ambit 200
2. Enhance activation.
3. Display latest version when needed.
0.15 Change the def for SB5101Mod.
0.14 Add log. Add SB5101Mod and SBV5220.
0.13 Fix MIPS detect flash on USB 1.1 hub.
0.12a Hot patch for 0.12 as it breaks the flash detect.
0.12 Fix intel slow program issue.
0.11 CFI suport. Enhanced AMD buffer programming.
0.10 Motorola .p7 file format support.
0.09 New software architecture,
0.08 Ambit120 support.
0.07 SBV4200/SBV5120 support.
0.06 SB4100/SB4200 support.
0.05 Trap support. Minor bug fix on getram after flashdct on some flash chips.
0.04a Hot fix for SB5120 cert.
0.04 Add SB5120.
0.03 Add SGB900. Cert name change.
0.02a Fix the cert problem.
0.02 Add cert and mac change.
0.01 provide basic functions.

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